School fees payments

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  1. School Onboarding

Process of onboarding of a school account in the FlexiPay school management system, process includes

  • Registration of the school details in the system. The schools details are input into the system, these include school name, bank details, administrators details etc.
  • Setup School Bank account, a Bank account is assigned to the school code. A school can setup different accounts to collect different types of fees.
  • Creation of the school code, this is auto generated, but the system is flexible and allows for selection of a preferred school code.
  • Creation of user accounts and assignment of roles, the default users are:-

– the Administrator, who manages all users

– The Accountant that views and manages all payments and reconciliations

– The viewer

  • Setup of Classes, this is the process of creating the schools curriculum and involves setup of the following

– Setup type of school, selection Day, Boarding or internationals school

– Creation of class structure and setup Courses/ subjects per class

  • Creation of Fees structures, the fees structure is flexible and can be setup per class, course or per student
  1. Student Details upload and Profile management

The Pegasus onboarding team creates students per class by uploading student list per class to the system. Student creation requires the following actions

  • Flexible student Code, each student is assigned a unique code, this may be an auto generated system code, or a preferred code chosen by the school
  • Creation and Editing students profiles, student profile capture information like student name, class, courses offered, payment details, fees balances. Student profile are auto created and are edited to include additional information like parent contact details, student photograph.