• School Fees Payments

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    We enable business to go mobile payments with ease,
    giving you the most powerful mobile money tools on the
    market with features such as Bulk payments

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  • Banking Hub

    We have a range of products that allow financial institutions
    to increase their deposits and reduce the costs of doing business
    while improving customer experience

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  • Value Added Services (VAS)

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Pegasus Technologies

We have extensive experience and expertise in the development of financial and billing solutions for companies. Pegasus Technologies has worked for, and is working for a number of banks, telecoms and utilities in Uganda to provide bespoke financial and billing solutions.

PegPay is fast, most secure and convenient mobile payments platform for both end users and merchants.

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Great for billing companies – Water Providers, Pay TV Providers, Electricity, Embassies, Security Providers, Garbage Collection, Schools

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